Why A Data Management Platform Can Be Your Secret Weapon

Data is now one of the most precious business assets. And just like any other valuable, it should be jealously protected and managed. Surprisingly, some organizations are still asking what’s the reason to use data management platform.

Yet, it’s clear that businesses that are maximizing their data and information resources are slowly edging the competition.

In this post, I will expound on how data management platforms work and how theybenefit the modern day firm.

What is a Data Management Platform?

Put simply, a data management platform(DMP) is a sophisticated technological system used to collect and manage useful data and is an important part of digital marketing strategies.

How A Data Management Platform Works

A DMP allows marketers to generate precise details that help them to segment target audience for purposes of serving online advertisements.

This offers more returns rather than throwing around ads hoping for a lucky break.

This is made possible by an assortment of powerful machine learning algorithms that intelligently read and understands user’s behavior online. The profiling is then be used to deliver ads that prospects will find helpful based on their needs and interests.

How Is A Data Management Platform Constructed

A DMP has two major components that help to capture and analyze the gathered data:

  • The Algorithm Base:

As I mentioned, aggressive machine smart artificial intelligence algorithms track internet traffic, studying clicks and other actions that point to a target’s likely interests or favorites.

  • Data Analytic Subsystems:

The data that’s first delivered is raw and doesn’t make sense until it has been filtered and sorted.

This is the work of the data analyticssubsystem. This essential engine is able to drill into details and model data as per defined marketing goals.

This helps the digital marketing team to make informed decisions regarding online campaigns.

Benefits Of Using a Data Management Platform

A DMP takes your marketing efforts to the next level. Here is how:

  1. Better Ad Targeting: It creates truthful predictions on who is likely to buy (or not) so you’re likely to generate leads as you’re reaching the right people.
  2. Marketing Insights: It also follows up to see whether potential customers are responding to the call to action as part of improving future targeting and campaigns.
  3. Better ROI: With spot-on ad serving, you will soon learn what works and what doesn’t. This makes the ad-buying decision easier as you’ll only work with providers who are offering better returns.
  4. Compliance: We are living in the age of a hyper-sensitive customer not to mention that the GDPR is already in force. A DMP helps you achieve compliance with some of the privacy requirements of these unprecedented laws.
  5. Data Integration: Instead of struggling with dozens of incomplete data collection and analyzing systems, a DMP brings everything under one roof. Access is easier as is reporting.

Final Word

These benefits of Data Management Platform prove that it can make a huge difference in your digital marketing campaigns.

It lets you take charge and chart a path that will generate more leads and brings more sales to the table.

So, can you see why I’m saying it could be your ace card?

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