What Are The Options And Specs Of EDM 700?

What Are The Features And Specifications Of EDM 700?

Engine information administration 700 which might merely be known as EDM 700 is a mandatory addition to any plane. It really works by frequently monitoring the engine actions of the plane thus, leaving the pilot to totally think about flying and touchdown the plane safely. With the assistance of the most recent microprocessor know-how, a complete of 24 crucial parameters are monitored four instances a second which is greater than could be completed by the pilot. The EDM 700 system can be in a position to immediately give warning when programmed limits are exceeded. That is doable as a result of it’s outfitted with an updated warning system. It’s the most correct, superior engine monitoring system on the planet that offers help in all engine associated areas to make sure that the operations of the plane run easily. Options of EDM 700 Some primary however essential options of EDM 700 embody Correct pattern monitoring is achieved within the normalized mode Presence of bus voltage to precisely detect any voltage loss from failure of the alternator Troubleshooting could be achieved from the cockpit with assistance from a pc that shows drawback codes Presence of alphanumeric scanning that shows 29 features 2 completely different modes – LeanFind mode that searches for the primary final of the cylinders to peak and the PeakFind that captures the exhaust fuel temperature. Programming is well achieved from the from panel utilizing simply two buttons Correct leaning is assured quick show response Temperature: It’s displayed in a single diploma in both Celsius or Fahrenheit True reminiscence: information could be downloaded from the EDM onto a laptop computer or palm laptop. 29 alarms EGT graph has variable scaling Gas stream possibility Shock cooling Oil Temperature examine Specs for EDM 700 The EDM 700 system has each essential and optionally available specs that carry out commonplace and optionally available features. The essential commonplace specs embody Linear gauges: selectable place choices Energy connector Harness EZTrends Volts Shock cooling LOP/ROP Leaning Mode unique to JPI 100 hours downloadable information recording Exhaust Gasoline Temperature (EGT) four or 6 probes CHT four or 6 probes The Optionally available Specs Embody RMP Oil Temperature Outdoors Air Temperature (OAT) Oil strain Gas Circulate – USED, Remaining, GPH Endurance, GPS vacation spot 1 gigabyte USB stick for downloading information Different specs of the EDM 700 embody The EDM 700 IS 2.5 x 2.5 x 8? with 2 1/four bezel, together with the connector. TSO C43b, Temperature Indicator EGT-701 14.5 oz. / 0.9 lbs Wire P.N. WK.-24 Harness Eight ft. 14.Zero oz. every / 0.88 lbs EGT Probes MM-111 2.Zero oz. every / 0.125 lbs RPM 1.5 oz. / .094 lbs CHT probe 5050 1.5 oz. every / 0.094 lbs

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