Tips on How to Do Video Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is the latest technology used by architectures and filmmakers as a result of its availability, affordability, and effectiveness. The new technique can convert all types of surfaces into a dynamic and effective video display. Images can easily be projected on variable screes using specialized software, and as such events prefer the use of this projection technology rather than the traditional approach. If you are interested in video mapping, here are the steps needed to follow.

Pick a Good Projector

Every instance of this activity involves the use of one or several projectors. Depending on the amount of work to be done, one projector usually suffices in most cases. The three key factors to consider when purchasing a projector include the throw ratio, its resolution, and the brightness. The throw ratio helps in determining the size of the image to be taken. For example, 1:1 ratio will mean that the image will be one foot for every one-foot distance between the object and the projector. The longer this ratio is, the narrower the image appears.

Resolution influences the clarity of the image. High resolution enhances the clarity of the image. If you want to project onto large objects, then it is important to consider the high resolution. Regarding brightness, the brighter the projector is, the more your mapping will appear brilliant. It is, therefore, recommended you choose a bright projector to obtain high ambient lighting during filming.

Choose the Correct Surface for the Mapping Activity

The projection mapping true value refers to your ability to project everything including shoes, cars, and buildings. As you choose the surface, you need to consider the edges and color of the surfaces you are comparing. Surfaces which have light colors like white work best since they create sharper and brighter images. Besides, choosing surfaces that have distinct edges is essential to accentuate your 3D mapping look. It is evident that not all surfaces can have distinct edges; however, it will be a good start to practice objects with these edges.

Locating the Best Mapping Software

You have a variety of projection mapping programs which you can select depending on your budget and preferences. Although most programs may appear complicated when opened for the first time, fiddling them around several times will show their simplicity in usage.There are several factors to consider when selecting your mapping software including the surface area to be filmed and the indispensable characteristics. It is necessary to first ask yourself the place where you are going to do the mapping; is it only at home or in public or private venues? Getting the right answer to this question would mean selecting the right projector model. Other significant factors to consider are the lens and resolution of the software, luminosity, life and lamp of the software, and the purpose. If you are to film your video maps, you must also pay keen attention to the frequency of the software.

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