Multimeter the Versatile Instrument by Keysight in Electrical Engineering

Engineer’s job is incredible, and for performing the job effectively, tools and devices are required. When you dive into the varieties and types of these tools, then the number goes high and high. Keysight technologies provide offers on the leading measurement and testing tools, which are transforming today’s measurement experiences.

Purchase a selected Keysight Bench Test Instrument and claim a complimentary U1233A Handheld Digital Multimeter with your purchase. Other than a multimeter, many tools are also manufactured, which are applicable for everyday use in research, development, design validation, and manufacturing benefits.

The digital multimeter is the versatile instrument containing three different meters in one:

  • A voltmeter measures the electrical potential across a device.
  • An ammeter measures the amount of electrical current through a device.
  • An ohmmeter measures the electrical resistance of a device.

All about the function switch of multimeter:

Depending on the available features of the multimeter, there are different numbers of positions to choose from the function switch. The first is off, and the multimeter should be in this position when not in use. The symbol V measures voltage, the Ω symbol measures electrical resistance; the A symbols measure AC and DC.

Auto-ranging multimeter:

If we talk about the newer multimeters, then the high-quality multimeters are auto-ranging, which means they do not require the user to pre-select the range of the voltage, amps or resistance they are measuring. It is indicated by the AUTO symbol reflected on the LCD screen. The range can generally still be manually selected on this meter; it is done by pressing the select button.

Range selectable multimeters:

Some of the multimeters require you to select the proper range for the value being measured. If you are unsure about the range of the value, start at the highest range and then decrease the range as needed. When measuring current, it is essential to switch the red lead connection to the proper lead port for the value being measured. If you are unsure, then start by using the highest current test-lead connection.

When you use the digital multimeter, it is advised to first go through the self-analyzing of the battery and its internal circuits. While this is proceeding, most meters will light up all of the digital segments to indicate proper function.

Voltage is one of the most common measurements required during manufacturing or testing in electrical engineering. Voltage is measured by the voltmeter or the voltmeter function of the digital multimeter.

There are other instruments like oscilloscope that measure the voltage as well and should be thought of as voltmeter. Before you measure the voltage, it should be clear that the voltage is an across variable. You have to connect the voltmeter to two points in a circuit where you want to measure voltage while measuring voltmeter.

The voltmeter should not disturb the circuit where you are attempting to measure the voltage while measuring voltage. The disturbance is the current drawn by the voltmeter. If you want that current to be zero as it can be, so you need to have the resistance of the voltmeter as large as possible. Keysight Technologies offers these kinds of devices required for a different purpose, which is the world’s leading electronic measurement company.

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