Most Exciting WiFi Hotspot Features

This underrated piece of technology might be flying under the radar as far as tech purchases in your near future, but you don’t even know the world you are missing. When WiFi Hotspots came on the market, everyone went nuts for them. Companies could finally work remotely on any location which was a huge benefit for film production, construction work, and really anything else that doesn’t just sit in one office. Shortly after the initial craze of hotspots died down, people sort of shuffled the technology off into the category of cool things to have, but not necessarily something that one needs.

However, that was long ago. While people have been sleeping on WiFi Hotspots a few key brands like Solis have been hard at work on innovating this technology. Not only have they found ways to make the WiFi Hotspot a must-have for any digital nomad, but they are revolutionizing the idea of what it even means to work from anywhere.

So let’s take a look at some of those innovations…

  1. Connectivity – If you believe that a dedicated WiFi Hotspot functions just like the hotspot you create on your phone, you should think again. Hotspots these days can connect you to the internet from almost anywhere, and outperform any makeshift phone hotspot in a heartbeat. Making WiFi hotspots is just a little side project for your iPhone, while for hotspots, it’s their career, and they do it well. They can use multiple cell networks to get the strongest signal possible, and stay connected to your devices more reliably, no matter who calls.
  2. Multi-device connection – Along the lines of reliable connectivity, WiFi hotspots are also becoming very adept at connecting to 5 or sometimes 10 devices at once. This not only allows you to house more of your tech on a reliable connection to the web, but also creates a mini wireless network of all of your devices right in front of you, creating a seamless office environment virtually anywhere. This can be a big added bonus, if you are working alongside a number of people and can not only share your connectivity to them, but share work between yourselves since you are on the same network.
  3. Camera & Storage – WiFi Hotspots are even coming equipped with extra storage and a native camera that you can take photos with and upload them directly to any of your devices. Sure, maybe the camera is a bit much, you’ve got one on your phone too, but why not? Keep your phone battery charged and use the camera on the hotspot. The real kicker is the extra storage. To be able to offload your work onto the Hotspot and use it like an external hard drive is pretty useful.
  4. Battery Charge – Speaking of extra space, you also get extra battery. You can connect your laptop to a WiFi Hotspot and keep it charged while you browse the web. Those two things go hand in hand.
  5. Encryption – Security is key when you are on a wireless network that is discoverable by anyone. It’s important that you keep that in mind when you are working anywhere outside your home… and frankly when you are working at home as well. Your WiFi network definitely extends past your home, but that’s for another blog post. Keeping your connection secure is almost a given these days with WiFi Hotspots.

The WiFi Hotspot world is evolving and whether or not you’ve been paying attention or not doesn’t matter now, what matters is are you paying attention now, because I think you should be. There’s a lot of use and benefit to having a dedicated device that provides you with quite possibly the most valuable resource other than air and water… internet.

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