Is Managed WordPress Hosting a Good Choice?

When it comes to having a website, you will always need to enjoy the best technical service. It will not only make your web development project better but also take away worry from you. WordPress hosting offers a managed environment. It is where professionals in the area handle the technical problems of the site. The hosting staff will work with you in the best possible way.

People who work in this environment know the effort and dedication required to achieve good results. When managed support eliminates the concern in the technical field, it allows you to focus on the content and design.

8 Reasons to Use Managed WordPress Hosting

Some consideration factors are speed, cost savings, support, and security. Managed hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce offers some pluses. But only if you pay attention to the right features when choosing web hosting.

Websites and shops have to be fast. Otherwise, the drop-out rate of your visitors will increase rapidly. However, that’s not all: a single second of additional load time leads to a 7 percent reduction in conversion and 11 percent fewer page views. Negative user experience not only causes more crashes in the checkout process. It also lowers the referral rate.

Besides, speed is an essential factor for search engine optimization (SEO). Google punishes slow portals meanwhile mercilessly. An optimized managed hosting takes away most of the performance optimization – without you even having to lend a hand. It usually has:

#1 Server-Side Caching

A particularly efficient caching becomes active before WordPress takes over the command. This makes it possible to deliver websites extremely fast. The advantage: You no longer need a separate caching plugin, and you do not have to worry about complicated settings.

#2 Optimized WordPress Infrastructure

Your hosting should be specific to WordPress and WooCommerce, not other content management systems. Even more;

#3 Powerful servers

The number of the CPU cores sometimes reflects the performance. The server must be able to accommodate more bandwidth on many visitors and corresponding database queries. Here, your web host should provide enough flexibility and packages.

#4 Higher PHP Memory Limit

A higher PHP memory limit is mandatory for more complex sites and online stores. Only then can the VPS server withstand massive and simultaneous processes. For eg, with high visitor numbers, see our notes on the WordPress load.

#5 SSD Hard Drives

Even with a large number of concurrent accesses to your page, access times for SSD hard drives are significantly lower. It makes SSD the ideal Turbo Boost for all your WordPress projects.

#6 Resource Compressions

This feature makes your website loads even faster. Ideally, WordPress hosting offers the latest compression standard called Brotli.

#7 Factor of CPU cores

Imagine that the server of your WordPress site or your WooCommerce is a physical shop. Every employee of the shop stands for a CPU core. If only one seller is working the counter, there is only one request can be processed at a time? For a few visitors, this is not a problem at first.

However, if the number of visitors becomes so many that the salesman is overwhelmed with the request, more employees (which is the analogy of more CPU cores) are needed. The more of them in the store, the more orders can be processed at the same time.

#8 Incredible Supports

Is something not working on your hosting? Does it affect your website? Probably, each of us knows this situation. Without consistent support within minutes, you are in such cases to fix it yourself.

Free additional services often accompany the extended support of Managed Hosting. For example:

* Help with the migration

* Support for page optimization

* Plugin recommendations for your system configuration

* Also, managed hosting can respond flexibly to your needs. For example, you can negotiate specialized security solutions or migration services faster and more unconventionally. With shared hosting, however, it is usually impossible to find a reliable person to contact.

Final Thoughts

Standard hosts are very cheap. However, as soon as a problem arises, you’re standing alone. If you value performance and support, then you should opt for a managed web hosting India. With a good managed server, you can save several hours of working, for example, in the technical and security optimization of your WordPress website. This way, you can focus on what you do best: operating and marketing your website.

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