Investing in Robotics and AI

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents the use of a computer to replicate intelligent behavior. Research in AI is based upon the development of algorithms that have the potential to learn and improve their intelligence which necessitates minor intervention from a human level.

Robotics and AI provide exciting investment opportunities, especially with the seemingly constant technological growth around the world. As the use of artificial intelligence and robotics spread, your investments in these areas have the potential to grow dramatically.

Traditional options for investing in robotics and AI include investing in individual companies directly via stocks. Thematic profiles also offer an investment opportunity, and they require less research on your part.

Why do People Invest in Robotics and AI?

The main reason that investments in robotics and AI are so popular is the sector’s potential growth. This is a quickly growing area of technology, as an increasing number of companies use artificial intelligence and robotics to automate tasks and analysis or boost efficiency. These sectors have been growing steadily in the past few years, and many experts expect this trend to continue.

What are Thematic Portfolios?

Thematic portfolios allow you to invest in products that fit a given theme without having to research each instrument yourself. By offering a range of products within that theme or sector, they also provide diversification to reduce risk. The idea is that if one of the products in the portfolio does poorly, the highly performing ones will make up for it.

You could create that diversity yourself by choosing a range of products to invest in. However, this would be incredibly time intensive as you would have to research each one individually. Thematic portfolios relieve you of that required effort.’s thematic portfolios, for example, are the result of experts hand-selecting stocks, then monitoring their performance. The best brokers even allow a level of customization for thematic portfolios based on your chosen strategy.

Why Consider a Robotics and AI Thematic Portfolio?

Choosing to invest in a robotics and AI thematic portfolio provides you with all the advantages, including ease of use and diversification, along with the potential growth associated with robotics and AI.

Investing in one of these portfolios allows you to reduce your risk via that diversification yet saves you a significant amount of time. You do not need to research each stock to invest in, as the experts behind the portfolio will take care of that for you. The same applies to ongoing research about your investments to ensure that you do not need to make any changes., for example, has dedicated experts that are continually developing the portfolios to maximize the return for investors.

At the same time, you still have some control over your investments if you opt for a broker that lets you customize your portfolio. Using our example from before,, a European licensed broker enables you to adjust the weight of categories within the portfolio.

Additionally, top brokers who offer thematic profiles for robotics and AI will make some of their past successes clear. That should provide some confidence in them. In most cases, you will be able to view recent changes in a thematic profile before deciding to invest in it, so you can see exact figures proving past successes. With the example, at the time of writing, the robotics and AI thematic portfolio were up 21.65 percent over the past three years.

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