Do you have an online business, but your sales do not match the quality of the products? Many users are wondering how to sell their products on Amazon. To tell the truth, this adventure is within the reach of any entrepreneur, whether or not he has a physical store and regardless of his previous experience in electronic commerce. Do you dare to discover the steps to follow?

Why more than 100 thousand sellers are in Amazon

According to Jeff Bezos’ ecommerce, in 2016 there were 100,000 vendors on its platform with billing levels of over $ 100,000 per year.

Selling through this platform is a good option for SMEs and companies of all sectors, since it greatly simplifies tasks such as marketing, advertising, price adjustment or logistics, among other aspects, from which you can completely forget: Amazon does it for you, and very well as well. Of course, this ‘monster’ of electronic commerce also takes its share of the pie, but its commissions are offset comfortably by some of the benefits cited.

5 steps to sell products on Amazon

If you are flirting with the idea of selling on Amazon as a company, we invite you to discover a series of steps to register and start your activity easily and quickly:

Step One: create an Amazon Seller account

To begin, you need to create an amazon expert account, for which you will have to choose between the professional account (more than 40 articles per month) and the individual one (less than 40 per month), since the rates vary from one account to another, as well as its benefits. After completing the corresponding form and verifying the identity through a phone call or a text message, the seller is registered and can start his activity.

Step Two: add a list of products

At this point we must begin to form our portfolio of products, the protagonist of any amazon expert. In the section ‘Select’ Add product ‘and enter the EAN code or the name of the products in question. The possibility of creating a new product is reserved for manufacturers. Then you must complete other fields, such as the price of the item, the conditions of sale, if you want Amazon to be responsible for the logistics, etc. It is essential to take the time to properly complete all these fields, so that our portfolio of products will not give us headaches in the future.

Step Three: get the ‘Buy Box’

Although this step is not strictly necessary, statistics have shown that the conversion rates increase with the presence of the so-called buy box in the products tab. To achieve it, you need to comply with certain requirements, such as customer satisfaction, speed of response to received messages, be listed as a Pro Seller or always have products in stock.

Step Four: prepare and send the products

Another step to follow to start selling at Amazon is to prepare the product portfolio, ensuring that they are ready to be sent, through the stores that this ecommerce has distributed throughout the Spanish geography. Once the article is sent, we will have to track the product and make sure that the client receives it correctly.

Step Five: take care of your reputation to survive

Do not you worry about the ‘what will they say’ about your products? So, Amazon is not for you. If something characterizes this platform is its excellent customer service. It is really difficult to find users with negative experiences with this ecommerce. Caring for feedback and listening to comments is a recommended practice to survive in the competitive world of Amazon marketers. Needless to say, receiving positive ratings will often allow your products to position themselves better than your competitors’.

Naturally, the success or failure of your Amazon adventure will depend on additional factors, such as the chosen sector, the quality of the product, the selection of images or the preparation of descriptions optimized for search engines.

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