How to Clean a Vape Kit

To get your Vape to work the best for you, you need to keep it clean. Generally, the ingredients for the CBD vape juice won’t leave any stains anywhere on the pieces of the vape or other equipment but the excess will be remained on the parts and should be cleaned routinely. VG and other e-liquids which are darker in color can dry up around the coils of the vape and can become very hard to clean off. A coil that has VG and juice jammed around it will produce less vapor and have low flavorings and might even give a burnt taste.

This is why keep our vape and all the pieces of equipment squeaky clean is very important. In this article, we will discuss how to keep the vape clean and what procedures should be followed.

How to Keep the Vape Clean:

Step# 1: Taking the coil out and the rest of the tank in the vape.

You have to keep paying close attentiveness to how things fit collectively and take mental notes of what goes where, as you take everything apart. You also have to keep everything organized, so make sure to clean your table or the surface you are going to be using when you clean the vape. Keeping things organized will also make sure you don’t lose any part of the vape while you are cleaning. Using a small bowl or box to store the things in as you clean will help you a lot. There are dozens of ways in which you can clean your vape tank and all the surrounding equipment, some of these are.

The Average Rinsing Method

When you have pulled your CBD vape oil tank, you can use the warm water to wash it. Separate the other parts from the tank and place each of the pieces under running water. After you have washed them well enough, dry them off with a paper towel. After you have dried them with the towel, let them air dry all the water out of the nocks and crannies.

In case it has been quite some time since you have washed your tank, you need to add one more step. Take a bowl of water and heat it up. Till it is heating, wash your parts and tank under the running water. Then place them all in the heated water and let them sit till the water cools down. Then one more time wash your tank and other parts under running water and after that comes the drying.

You can also utilize a blow dryer to speed up the drying process but try not to let the items too close to the heated air.

The Propylene Glycol Cleansing

In this method, you can soak the tank and other parts in propylene glycol instead of water. Just fill a bowl with PG and put all the pieces in the bowl for about an hour or two. Using Vegetable Glycerin is not advised as it is very thick and might mess up the cleaning process.

Once the time has passed, just put everything on a napkin and let it dry. This method is best if you want to remove the excess flavors from the parts.

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