How to choose a computer services company for your SME?

Some small and medium companies may have doubts when hiring a IT services company. They may not be very clear about what kind of services they need to hire, but they know very well that they need help with computer maintenance tasks.

It is also very likely that, if you have never hired a IT company for this job and you have always taken it internally, ask yourself questions such as:

  • How do I know if the company I work with is legit?
  • Does it have to be located in Bristol location IT Support or in the same city as my headquarters? Or does it matter where it is located?
  • How long would it take me to solve a IT problem?
  • How to know if they are not charging me more than necessary?

Faced with all these doubts, professionals know that it is perfectly normal that you ask questions, and in addition, it is absolutely necessary to distinguish the mere “botched” from capable and solvent IT scientists. In this post we will show you some points that you must take into account to choose a IT company for your SME.

The experience in the market

The experience is one of the best schools in the world. You can be a great IT scientist fresh out of college, but if you’ve never encountered the day-to-day problems in an SME, you probably cannot do things in the time and manner necessary to make it worthwhile to hire a computer

It is, let’s not forget, that if the computers or computing devices of your business are experiencing a problem, whether hardware or software, can be solved in the shortest time possible so you can continue using the computing resources for which you have paid and that are essential to maintain the operability of your business.

Customer service

IT company that is going to take care of the maintenance of your computers does not necessarily have to be in the same city. In many cases, if your company is in Madrid, you can move a computer to your business, but this is not the usual way of working for most computer software problems, where installing a simple program, we can access your computers in a way remote and perform the necessary tasks.

Professionalism at work

Surely sometimes, when you find a computer problem, you go to a neighbor, friend or cousin of yours to solve it, because you’ve heard that he understands some computers. But the thing is not that easy. If you are not a professional, we will not tell you that you can not solve the problem, but it may take you too long to do so, or you may spoil something during the process if you do not have enough experience.

In an SME, in addition, you cannot be a week with the computer broken because it is a catastrophe for the company. At a minimum, you should be able to count on a substitution team to be able to continue with the work and not lose profitability.

The value for money

We have all heard the saying that, in the end, “cheap is expensive”. It is true that there are some IT companies with abusive prices, or it may be that not everyone is transparent with the client, taking advantage of the fact that they do not know very well all the aspects that may be at stake. But even that is not the most important problem.

A good IT Services in Bristol will insist that “preventive maintenance” is more important than the resolution of computer incidents every time they occur. The objective is that the computer problems of your business are reduced practically to zero.

The team and the knowledge

The IT services offered to you must be consistent with what your company really needs. There are computer scientists, for example, whose specialization is hardware problems and can help you a lot in that area. Others, on the other hand, even have personnel able to carry out a professional online store for you or even develop software for your business.

The company you hire must have the necessary equipment and knowledge to help you. And not everyone knows how to do it.


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