How quantum dots will transform our lives in 2023?

Quantum dots have become the major components requested for improved display screens. With the massive ongoing Research and Development, the QD display market is about to enter a phase of growth. Study has shown that by 2023, the QD market will be incredibly exciting. The QDs would be widely adopted across many fields of endeavor, thereby replacing the Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) Display and changing human lives for the best.

What makes quantum dots so special?

To understand the peculiarity of quantum dots, there is need to know what differentiates it from the other display technology such as the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) display, the LCDs (Liquid Chrystal Display) and the plasma displays.

OLEDs are manufactured with organic elements which light up when electricity is provided. They hardly withstand solvents used in lithographic patterning methods. Moreover unlike the OLEDs, which involve on organic particles, the light generated by the QDs is spread across ultra thin or flexible surfaces. Therefore, for equipment with large area display and specifically for flat-panel screens like TV, flexible smartphones, digital cameras, gaming devices, QDs prove to be more effective, more efficient and less costly.

Not only do quantum dots allow lower levels of energy consumption, but they also generate brighter and purer colors. Researchers have shown that QD display give about 30% or 40% luminance efficiency more than OLEDs.

What will happen during the period 2019-2023?

The quantum dots market is on the rise. First, there is no need to recall the effect of the QD display technology in the industry of smartphones. The last trends tell it all. Second, we also realize that by virtue of their low emission of heat, QDs will become the best alternative in agriculture. Plants and microorganism will be less harmed by the more efficient lighting systems on farms.

Moreover, companies dealing in bio-medical equipment and optoelectronics are already announced will also be key players in the growth of the QD display market. Many other types of display equipment will be revolutionized by the simple incorporating the QD technology. Research and Development companies like Attonuclei are all geared toward the conception of high added value products incorporating custom quantum dots.

According to the BBC report on the quantum dots for the five coming years, the highest rate of QD display consumption is likely to happen in the US, while China is among others, the fastest growing consumer. Some key players are already announced: South Korea, Japan, China, the US, etc.

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