Features of the Best Smart TV 2018

If you are planning to buy a smart in the course of this year, you must take time and understand some of the best features of the modern smart TV. Some smart TVs have features capable of giving you an outstanding and unbelievable watching experience. Below are the most prevalent smart TV features that you must look for when buying a smart TV.

Picture Quality

If a smart TV is not equipped with great picture quality, pass on by because it is not worth it. I typically recommend staying away from “house brands” unless you don’t mind having to replace the TV once the 90 day warranty runs out. Products from the big brands like Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sharp, Sony, tend to have more reliable life spans, and they can also be repaired if they’re an expensive set. By the way, the picture quality is very hard to determine unless you’re comparing apples-to-apples. The first thing you want to do in the store, is change the picture mode to Movie or Cinema on any TVs you’re comparing. Doing anything else will just cause you to pick the brightest, most vibrant image, which is simply the one that’s putting out the most light. Light output doesn’t equate to quality. Try to even the playing field before making a decision.

Wireless Connectivity

While streaming media is a big deal, you’ll likely have to have wireless in order to access your favorite streaming services. Of course, if you have wireless connectivity, you’ll automatically get built-in Ethernet as well. If you intend to stream 4K UHD, then you’ll want either a rock-solid Wi-Fi connection, or you’ll need to go with a wired Ethernet connection to ensure you have the required bandwidth to pull it off.

Quick Response Time

You would be a careless customer if you don’t take time to check to see how responsive the TV is before buying it. There’s nothing worse than slow channel changes, or stagnant apps that don’t respond instantly to commands. If your TV has a budget control system, it may be slow when running the software. It will still work. However, it will not be a lot of fun to use. On the other hand, a responsive TV feels snappy, and makes you actually want to use the apps it provides. Ensure you get maximum value for the LCD, Plasma or LED TV price you incurred.

Remote Control and App Functions

Some people do not care much about remote controls, but one that works well is a good thing. After all, not everyone is going to run out and buy an expensive universal remote control. Better still, many TVs allow use from an app. That means that searching for your favorite song is much easier than having to use a remote control to toggle through searches and alphanumeric text entries. Trust us, an iOS or Android app will make all of the features of your television literally become about 100 percent more useful.




Notably, this is not a complete list of the features that you should look into when buying a smart TV. Ensure you incorporate more features from your preference.


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