Digital Marketing Tactics That’ll Get Your Audience’s Attention

Digital Marketing Tactics That'll Get Your Audience's Attention

Digital marketing, while effective, is not without hiccups. But no matter how closely or often you interact with your audience, Garnering their attention always seems to be an uphill task – why is that? Well, think about the competition, the million other digitally engaging options they have, and the on-demand culture where your audience gets just what they want anytime – from anywhere! If you think these reasons are not good enough, let’s dig deeper to assess a few other common challenges that digital marketers face in their usual attempts to connect with their target audience. GETTING TO THE SUMMIT OF DIGITAL MARKETING – THE CHALLENGES FOCUSING YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING ATTENTION According to a 2016 report from the State of Inbound, close to 65% of all digital marketers have trouble creating the necessary internet traffic to draw in customers. Research shows a rapid growth in competition, along with a proportionate rise in digital platforms available for marketing. Consequently, knowing where to centralise your efforts on publishing content is one major struggle. NOISE VERSUS VALUABLE CONTENT Several brands fail to differentiate between personalization and battering consumers with irrelevant social noise. Connecting with potential customers to establish a trustworthy relationship is the critical first step. Many of us, however, bombard our gentle audience with a lot of “me-me-me” information and end up driving away precious, potential customers. VALUING BACKLINKS Earning backlinks is one department where money alone can get you nowhere. This was an SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy guarded closely for years. But these backlinks could be counterproductive when not used with care since spontaneously obtaining backlinks to your website primarily relies on the creativity of your content, often a scant resource. Hence, without useful content, the backlinks are of no use. DIGITAL MARKETING’S MAGIC WAND – MEANINGFUL CONTENT Is there even a way out of this seemingly tight corner you think you are in? Of course, there is! You can circumvent most of these problems by tweaking certain attributes of your content to attract consumers. Here are some ways to wave the magic content wand. CUSTOMER-SPECIFIC CONTENT FORMAT To draw traffic to your website, discover and create the type of content that appeals specifically to consumers in your field. Keep a close watch on the current craze for any specific type of content. Hubspot’s statistics show a sharp increase in demand for video content over blog posts over the last two years. Ensure that the content you publish is high quality. Next, using SEO make sure your content is easily available and accessible. WORK FROM A WELL-STRATEGISED PLAN Your focus using social media marketing should be on increasing referrals and word-of-mouth promotions. Instead of advertising repetitively, you could also occasionally publish content to suit time-specific events. Use social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit to engage with customers for solving their problems. Talk about your products, solutions, and services in a subtle manner – always using the awareness-interest-… chain in a way that’s both meaningful and relevant to your audience. STAY RELEVANT Always stay up to date with what’s trending in the digital marketing world and in your specific area of expertise. Read well, attend conferences and live events, procure sponsorships, and gain access to exclusive information. VARIETY ALL THE WAY! Variety is the spice of life – and of content presentations too. Plan your calendar around a rich spread of unique content formats – from text to images, gifs, and videos. Provide infographics and statistical data when possible. This variety will pave way for creating interesting and informative content that other websites can reference through backlinks. These pointers are just the tip of the digital marketing iceberg! Digital marketing is a field that’s constantly in flux. Hence the only way you can stay relevant in this scenario is to be adaptable to change or, better, stay ahead of change! So, where are you in your digital marketing journey?

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