Check PLC Control Experts in 2020: Benefits of Industrial Automation

You should have in mind that industrial automation is an essential consideration for manufacturing and production plants.

As soon as you adopt automation as well as smart manufacturing features, you will be able to increase profit margins and streamline overall production.

We can consider numerous benefits that you will get by automating processes such as reducing downtime and create custom services that will appeal to both your company and others.

The main idea is that as time goes by the technology is evolving and improving. Therefore, we cannot stop this particular process, but instead, we have to grow as well and implement the latest options that would help us throughout the process.

Back in the day, things we are entirely different, predictable, and consistent. However, nowadays, the advanced processes can improve our quality standards as well as efficiency, which will ultimately affect the customers’ desire to use your product instead of others.

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In today’s economy, everything is interconnected and dependable. Customers became much more selective than before, especially while choosing both services and goods that will appeal to them.

Remember that this is affecting the demand cycles because everyone requires more productivity as well as faster turnaround than before.

Since market trends are constantly changing, manufacturers have to create and sell everything much faster than in the past, which requires the latest technological advancements.

Another important consideration is that market is filled with competitors and other companies that are handling and controlling the market.

Everyone is trying to take a share of the industrial market, and they are ready to do it by creating unique propositions and the latest production technology for faster turnaround than others create.

In today’s world, availability, delivery time, after-sales services, customization, as well as product quality, are essential factors for customers.

That is the main reason why the implementation of industrial automation and IIoT is the best way to get an effective solution and handle numerous problems.

That way, you can boost the production, utilize manufacturing resources and reduce downtime that could cause severe expenses and loss.

Things to Know About Industrial Automation

Generally, the best way to understand this particular term is by imagining a system that features automated control devices as well as interacting technologies.

Their main goal is to create a balanced system that will automatically control and handle all production or manufacturing operations without human intervention.

In most cases, these processes require devices such as PLCs to create communication between various machines and to control everything throughout the process based on the programming.

When compared with traditional production, the implementation of new technologies allowed us to create more efficient automation than before. On the other hand, you can also implement IIoT automated systems that can work without stopping.

The idea is to reduce waste and improve overall productivity levels by automating an industrial plant. At the same time, you will be able to replace manual labor, which means that you can save money on labor benefits and wages.

Since the manufacturing requires flexibility and fast turnaround, you will be able to implement automation to reduce the overall expenses.

The leading example of automation you can find in the automobile industry where you need an automated process to install pistons inside the engines.

The main reason for that is that the manual installation increases the possibility of error up to 1.5%, which is problematic for large productions.

On the other hand, automated processes are reducing the error margin up to 0.00001%, which will help you reduce the replacement costs for expensive models.

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Reasons to Implement Automation System

1.   More Significant Productivity than Without It

We can all agree that hiring thousands of workers to work in three shifts to make your production 24/7 is expensive, and only a small portion of companies can handle it.

At the same time, you will have to close it down for holiday seasons, repairs, and regular maintenance, which are essential for keeping the overall productivity balanced.

Implementing automation will help you improve productivity and enjoy in 24/7 operation, which will help you earn a greater profit than before.

Since the predictive maintenance that most automation machines feature will notify you ahead for the maintenance time, you will be able to prepare yourself ahead to reduce the overall downtime.

2.   High Quality

Since the human effects on production efficiency can vary from situation to situation, having automated robots and devices is much better because everything will remain consistent.

Automation devices cannot experience fatigue as humans; they cannot get loose and bored along the way, which may lead to accidents that you have to pay.

Therefore, the possibility of errors is reduced to a minimum, which means that you will be able to create high-quality standards for your customers.

3.   Increased Flexibility

If you wish to implement the latest processes and technological advancements, you will need to train your employees to understand them along the way.

At the same time, creating a new task or assignment within the line requires plenty of training, which means that the margin for error is higher during the initial moments.

Apart from that, most operators will be able to get used to the latest processes. As a result, the company will suffer severe losses, training fees, and reduced production along the way.

Implementing manufacturing devices and robots will allow you the flexibility to program them to handle numerous assignments, depending on your preferences.

At the same time, you will be able to create the latest methods and program the devices, and they will work around the clock.

4.   Accurate Data

You should know that management has to create relevant decisions based on the current production situation. Therefore, the data collection is a vital process that will help you determine the ongoing expenses and profits, as well as the time required for each step of the way.

Since human error is a normal situation, especially when you lack automation devices, you will gather irrelevant data that will not be reliable so that you can improve your production.

On the other hand, automation devices will gather data by using particular communication devices as well as sensors in real-time. You will not have to wait for the turnaround, and you can get proper reports promptly.

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