3 Benefits of TTSPY Android Parental Control Application

Does your child spend all day on the phone? Are you worried about not being aware of your online activities? Do not worry, most parents are. The truth is that 7 out of 10 teenagers hide their online activities from their parents. But did you know that you have the ability to find out exactly what they do on their smartphones and tablets? That’s right; you – the father / mother – can be as technologically savvy as your son.

And let’s face it, probably already is. It just never occurred to him that he could have technology on his part in his task as a parent.

Without further ado, these are three amazing benefits you can get when you finally decide to use TTSPY phone tracker app.

  1. Will have a direct line with their children

The first thing that TTSPY does is input a direct connection to your children. You do not have to call them again and again to find out where they are. You do not have to lean over your shoulder while typing on your tablets. And of course you do not have to sneak glances at your smartphones while texting your friends. All you have to do is install parental control on your devices, and get live updates on all your activities. You will be connected to them through the portal on the web and above all, you will always be informed.

  1. Has “Remote Control” On Your Device

Another great benefit is, you can control your devices from a distance. He has read well. With your online control panel, you get a “remote control”. This means that you can send orders to your mobile without being physically connected. As the application synchronizes the online account with your device, the orders will always work. You can record a call while it is taking place and you can even record the mobile environment. You can also erase the memory of the mobile by pressing a key. And there is something else he can do, and that is.

  1. Can Lock Your Device

You can lock your device whenever you want and you will not be able to unlock it because only you will have the “key”. Do you know those times when your child does not keep their schedules and uses the phone secretly at night? Or when should I be studying for that exam in the morning but is too busy chatting online? It is on these occasions that you can easily block his mobile from a distance. It’s a diabolical plan, I know, but sometimes parents have to impose their rules strictly. A hard hand helps to discipline and educate them. You have so much to enjoy if you start using a parental control application. Take a look at our list of features and you will find many more things you can do. It really is a great time to be a parent.

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