Basic Things it Pays to Know About Residential Security Systems

Purchasing a residential alarm system is a smart choice to make. According to statistics by the FBI a home invasion occurs every thirteen seconds. Home security can prevent you, your loved ones, and your personal belongings from harm. The problem many consumers face is with the variety of security services available. Consumers can outfit their home with self-monitored systems, company run systems, and integrated alarm networks that function with smart technology. Getting security services through a company can run anywhere between $30 to $100 dollars depending on the provider, and self-monitored systems can cost even more in installation. To avoid huge costs, bad service, and to provide the most optimal protection for your home, here are some things to consider.

How much Protection Do You Need?

If you have valuables in your home that deserve an extra measure of protection than asset control is something you want to look into. Asset protection devices are tiny bits of tech that attach to whatever you keep your valuables in. If you have a necklace in a jewelry box, a first edition in a closed bookcase, a championship baseball in a glass cube, these devices will offer extra protection. They will alert you if the containers are open, tampered with, or even jostled. Some even provide visual evidence with a small camera. The point here is that such devices are not cheap. A system employing asset protection devices would cost a pretty penny. If you do not have high-worth valuables you may not need such devices, especially if they are insured. A standard system still provides great protection, but is not nearly as costly. New ones can even link right to your phone. Before you do anything, figure out how much protection you actually need.

They Come in Sizes

Beware of up selling security companies. This applies to both companies that sell you a system, and ones that run the system. Security systems actually come in different sizes. This is because homes come in different sizes. You may discover that you are paying for a system that is bigger than the area it protects. You do not want to spend money for tech you do not use, so research the different systems sizes. Also, measure you own space and find out which ones are a good fit.

Monitored or Self

A monitored security system will respond to any alerts on your property. They will contact law enforcement and activate manual systems if applicable. Self-monitored systems just alert you and then you have to do the groundwork. If you want to be completely taken care of then a monitored system may be right for you. Such companies can be vetted the usual ways. Starting is easy, just search for residential alarm system cedar rapids ia to find a variety of providers.

Choosing a good provider is almost as paramount as the system itself. They will be the ones installing the system and responding to emergencies. Making sure that they are capable for both is exceedingly important.

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