Endless companies, to succeed in this market, deploy Google AdWords to generate leads and revenue. On the outside, it looks pretty simple and straightforward. But, it is not as simple as it looks. There are several things to take care of. Using Google AdWords as an advertising platform is the most effective way to reach new customers and help your business grow. But before you step into using this type of mobile advertising, you must know how to incorporate AdWords effectively to be able to maximize the ROI and avoid making grave mistakes.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords marks as the digital advertising platform operated by Google. It is the most widely used advertising medium by businesses of all sizes. Many advertisers choose this way to reach out to customers using two main networks, the search, and the display network. Search network is commonly known as PPC advertising whereas the display gives advertisers the option of placing visual banner-type advertisements on different websites. The latter tends to reach approx. 90% of the global population. Although both the search as well as display advertising campaigns are managed using Google AdWords, the term ‘AdWords’ typically refers to the search network.

How to use Google AdWords successfully

Without properly placed strategies, the campaign is most likely to fail miserably. Let’s have a look at 09 steps to follow to be able to successfully incorporate Google AdWords to the business’s betterment.

Rule out the goals

The first step before starting the ad campaign is to establish account goals.

Determine the target

Establishing personas is very important. The idea is to know beforehand what the customer wants, where to find the customer and which device to use to target them.

Do keyword research

Keywords are very important because they make your content available to the customers searching for the product same as yours. With keyword tools, you can discover cost, competition and the volume of search.

Set budget

Ensure that you spend the most part of your budget on keywords that possess a high conversion rate.

Writer compelling ads

Ensure maximum viewership by adding a strong headline with the keywords you are bidding on and a call to action option.

Design impressive and eye-catching landing pages

Landing pages must be striking so that people who have clicked on your ad convert into a customer. You should ensure that your website’s landing page is mobile-responsive and has a clear call to action. The website should focus on benefits, not just what you are selling.

Track conversion

Use either AdWords or Google Analytics to keep an eye on the conversion rate.

Establish remarketing arenas

This is vital to be built as early as possible. So that even if the customer doesn’t convert the first time, they might if the ad appears on their frequently visited sites.


The key idea is to test everything from landing pages, keyword performance, etc.

When you follow the right steps, Google AdWords can prove to be very beneficial for your business.

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