Acquisition Strategies to Win New App Users 

Whenever an App is created, its developer hopes to have maximum downloads and to keep up with the competition you need a mobile app user acquisition strategy. A successful app user acquisition strategy helps you build a huge audience and increases downloads too. Constructing a long-lasting acquisition strategy can be pretty tough. Having a perfect strategy before launching your app have more chances of success of your app.

How is User Acquisition Measured?

Measuring the user acquisition of your app to estimate the success of your mobile app marketing campaign is really necessary. The metrics that should be taken under consideration are the number of installs by consumers and the rate of install, after knowing these you will get a better idea of how supportive your app is to users. There are some metrics that involve cost, which are:

  • Cost per install
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Return on Investment
  • Cost per thousand
  • Customer acquisition cost

User Acquisition Strategies

Many user acquisition strategies are there to be used. Every app needs different strategies but to create your mobile app marketing plan more effective, be creative try all the strategies, mix them up and make a new one and see if it suits with your app. Most of the mobile marketers use two kinds of user acquisition strategies.

Following are two categories

  1. Acquiring Users through Organic Marketing
  2. Acquiring Users through Paid Marketing

Acquiring Users through Organic Marketing

There are many mobile marketers, which don’t have a bigger budget for marketing, but there many inexpensive methods for interacting users towards your apps.

App Store Optimization (AOP)

The job of AOP is to make your app rank high on the app store by the help of these users can see your app right on top of the Google app store. App store optimization can be further distributed into two groups.

Search optimization includes mobile app marketing strategies that make your app rank at the top of the App store ranking process. Using keywords is an important aspect of SEO.

Appeal optimization involves in making your app engaging to users. By including the appearance of icons and screenshots. Appeal optimization comprises the value of your app to the consumers.

Building a Website

A website increases your app awareness. You can share details and post videos that describe the app and its importance.

2) Acquiring Users through Paid Marketing

Doing something paid is always better than free. Following are some of the paid mobile marketing strategies.

Social Media Ads

Social media is an important part of any kind of marketing. Using a social media platform for your mobile marketing is the best thing you can do for your app. Some of the best social media platforms are Facebook, and Instagram.

Ad Network

It connects the marketers to relevant customers. Ad networks are based on cost. They are,

  • CPC (Cost per Click)
  • CPA (Cost per Acquisition)
  • CPI (Cost per Install)
  • CPV (Cost per View)
  • CPM (Cost per Thousand)


Choose the best mobile app marketing strategy, as this is the only thing that brings success to your mobile app.

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