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An intranet is a private network created by organizations to share information with employees without external influence. In the digital age, it is difficult to share information without the interference of a third party. Most organizations have adopted intranet to safeguard information. Company intranet software facilitates work management. The following are the main Uses of Intranet Software in An Organization

Employee onboarding

A seamless onboarding process promotes employee retention and interaction. It allows the employees to keep important files and engage them in running the organization. Features of a good onboarding process should perform onboarding tasks, have organizational charts, welcome messages from members and have training materials. It should have forms for creating accounts and products collateral.


For any company to create a strong workforce, employees need regular training. Companies cannot move forward without conducting training programs to update skills. Although individual training should not be eroded, self-training using videos or manuals are also effective. They allow employees to learn at their own pace. Group training puts pressure on employees to learn quickly which affects the whole process. Intranet software allows HR teams to develop training programs for employees. Creating a corporate communication plan and training manuals that employees can use during their free time equips them with skills. Moreover, it provides forms for the staff to hand in training requests. Other elements in the software include a message board where employees can learn from one another and training calendars.

Company Events Calendar

Displaying upcoming events on the company calendar is an effective way to capture everyone’s attention. Employees are reminded of it every time they pass by or look at it. A calendar is a useful thing.

Intranet Software Implementation

Social networking tools are an important part of communication. Having the right approach when implementing intranet software is vital. To reap big, organizations should ensure the implementation process is smooth. Follow the following steps when implementing intranet software for your organization.

Know the Potential

Business already knows the significance of collaboration but still struggle with managing such technologies. To avoid this issue, review pre-existing collaboration forms to determine how they can be improved through intranet technology. Knowing what social collaboration software can achieve by improving expertise, knowledge, and interaction can steer the company in the right direction.

Measure the Value

Measuring Intranet ROI is a big problem that many organizations face. Instead, they should set goals to assess the effectiveness of intranet software. You should know whether your company has improved since you implemented intranet software. Moreover, gauge whether the company culture has changed as a result of using intranet tools. Has business processes improved? Answering these helps you know whether you are going in the right direction. In case the tools that you are using are not working for you, do not be afraid to try something new.

Promote Usage

Once you have decided to implement intranet software in your company, it should be done without force. You can reward systems can be created to recognize users. Rewarding employees motivates them to continue using the tools and in turn, benefit the company. Companies can empower employees to collaborate, interact and share ideas. Giving access to company expertise, employees are motivated to use such tools.

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