Scientologist Grant Cardone Talks About How His Beliefs Led to a Success Catapult 

As a fan of Grant Cardone, here is how he Dives Into Being a Scientologist Changed His Life for the Better.

Scientologist Grant Cardone has pushed people to be better for years now. After debuting more than a dozen business programs, the professional has had an untold influence on countless individuals. He talks about how Scientology helped him get there and what it means to live a better life.

Grant Cardone is known for his 10x Success formula, but there’s a lot more to his story than just being a head for business. This go-getter credits becoming a Scientologist as the turning point in his life, one that led him to really understand what truly matters and how he could be a part of it.

A Quest for Answers

There was never really a time when Grant Cardone wasn’t thinking bigger. His curiosity often came back to the bigger questions that can be difficult for anyone to answer. Even as a child he wanted to know how far he could go, how he could discover a deeper identity, and what exactly would happen to him when he passed away. Despite being raised Catholic, it wasn’t in him to accept a convenient explanation and be done with it.

Reading, Thinking, Doing: The Transition to being a Scientologist

Information can come from anywhere, and so can solutions. After turning to drugs after Cardone’s father passed away, he would find his first inspiration in the pages of Dianetics. This book was given to him by a friend, even though Cardone knew nothing about what it meant to be a Scientologist at the time. After studying, meeting people, and absorbing the more significant principles of the belief system, he found a connection that was undeniable.

The Foundation of a Lifetime

It would be easy to see our lives as nothing more than a series of buckets. For instance, you have your work life, and you have your home life. If one is failing and the other is successful, it’s because they’re separate. However, Grant Cardone knows Scientology and has spent years discovering how every aspect of his life relates to one another and why it’s so important to never take that for granted. Had he never learned these principles as a Scientologist, though, he might still be doing little more than going through the motions?

This is the foundation that led to his becoming an NYT best-selling author. It’s what has helped him push through both the daily hassles of life and the life-changing events that we all had to deal with during the pandemic. It might seem like little more than coincidence from the outside looking in, but Grant Cardone can prove that this assumption has no basis in reality. To become a Scientologist, there needs to be a surrender of that kind of simple logic.

By May J. Rayner

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