Why Lovers Cheat and The Warning Signs of Infidelity in Both Sexes

Infidelity is an issue in 30-40% of the romantic relationships in the US. Why do people cheat? How can you tell if your significant other is being unfaithful? Some folks are cheaters by nature. In heterosexual relationships, the male half of a couple is more likely to cheat then the female half. The explanation offered by this site puts the blame on men having more testosterone which increases sex drive.

A relationship that is not fulfilling physically or emotionally leads to disloyalty. Individuals whose vocation involves having emotionally intimate conversations may be more prone to having affairs. Sometimes cheating is simply about giving in to temptation.

Signs A Man Might Be Cheating

Internet sites like Cheaterbuster can help you find out if your guy is slipping around. There are also low-tech methods for finding out if a guy is having an affair. If your instincts tell you your man is cheating cautiously pursue the idea. If a guy changes the password or adds extra layers of security to his electronic devices, he may be hiding an affair. Unusual or odd changes in a man’s work schedule or job responsibilities like lots of overtime or weekend business trips he never had to take before can be a way to mask an affair. Usually, a man will confide in friends about an affair. This may cause a guy’s buddies to suddenly become awkward around his significant other. An unfaithful guy can be overly defensive or apologetic. He may suggest that his partner is being unfaithful. To cope with his guilt, he might suddenly become his significant other’s personal Santa Claus.

Signs A Woman Might Be Cheating

If nights out with the girls become unusually frequent it could be a paramour and not her girlfriends a woman is going out with. A lot of time spent shopping without any purchases can be a signal that a woman has a lover on the side. If her partner offering to go with her on an outing causes a sudden change of plans a woman might have been going to meet a paramour. Another red flag is when a woman’s accounts of her outings alone are inconsistent.

If a woman who once got on famously with her partners family and friends begins to push away from them take note. Keeping her distance from her significant other’s kith and kin can me she is afraid they will figure out her infidelity or be hurt by her affair. Sometimes having an affair can cause a woman to take on new habits. Changes in smoking or alcohol consumption habits might be something a woman picked up from her extracurricular lover. An affair can change a woman’s spending habits. It is suggested by this site that someone who suspects their lady is cheating should take a look at her financial statements. As with men, a cheating woman may begin taking an unusual number of business trips.

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