Simple Tips for Hotel Lighting

Poor lighting can often cast a shadow on the ratings and reviews of a hotel. When giving hotel feedback, lots of guests are known to criticize the lighting because they find it sparse, dim or downright bad. So, how should you avoid this? Listed below are some simple tips for hotel lighting that can come in handy:

  • Talk to a light planner

When the lighting is good, most people will not even notice it, but if it is bad, they will certainly pay attention. Electrical engineers don’t usually focus on the lighting design and layout, but you should speak to a light planner about the appearance of the lighting, particularly in public areas.

  • Adapt lighting to the hotel layout

The traditional hotel layout has undergone considerable change. Instead of a separate check-in area, foyer, bar and restaurant, these days hotels have free flowing spaces where multiple functions take place in one room. Therefore, lighting needs to be adjustable in order to fit the main use of the area throughout the day.

  • Use good lighting everywhere

When it comes to hotel lighting, you should ensure that every area has appropriate lighting. Corridors are often overlooked in terms of lighting, which is a mistake as they connect the foyer to the rooms. There should be sufficient lighting to help in orientation so guests can adjust easily.

  • Room lighting should be flexible

The room lighting in a hotel needs to be flexible. It should be bright enough for working and yet cozy enough to help people relax.

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